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2012 Market Prediction

The most frequent question I am asked from clients and investors that I represent is “How is the market?”  I read an informative article about a possible housing shortage in the Valley which will inevitably drive property values up.  Another interesting point is the prediction of a substantial increase in new home sales.  This will consequently create many construction jobs and have a direct impact on the rental market.  When the construction industry is strong, it is my experience that vacancy rates are lower which should create, at a minimum, a modest increase in rental rates.  This is good news for investors who have seized the opportunity and picked up properties at historic low prices or for the investor who weathered the storm and is ready for things to trend in the right direction.  The only downside is for those of us who would love to continue to pick up these bargain properties.  The best buyers market we have ever seen might soon be coming to an end.

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