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Hometrend aggressively advertises vacancies to get the most exposure possible.  We understand that each property is different and we market accordingly to maximize the opportunity to rent quickly.


A Hometrend licensed real estate agent will always be present during a showing.  We understand how competitive renting can be and always make it a priority to show your property as soon as possible after the initial contact is made from the prospective tenant.


Hometrend performs thorough tenant screenings in order to place the most qualified renters possible.  We require any adult desiring to rent a Hometrend property to fill out an application.  We review credit background, criminal background, rental history and income.


Our lease agreement is detailed and designed to protect the owner and legally obligate both parties to work within the parameters of the the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act.  All adult applicants are required to sign a Hometrend Lease Agreement.


Our phones are monitored 24 hours a day for emergencies.  We have established relationships with independent contractors who are price sensitive to your property needs for all maintenance issues.


Written statement of move-in condition, detailed inspection when unit becomes vacant, and occupied property inspections upon request and/or as circumstances dictate will be provided.


Thorough and comprehensive documentation of all income and expense transactions is a key ingredient to successful property management.  Hometrend uses state of the art computer accounting and reporting property management software so your monthly statements are complete, accurate and easy to understand.  You will be provided a monthly detailed income and expense statement outlining all transactions.  Annually, you will receive a consolidated income and expense statement for the calendar year making your tax preparation easier.  We ensure that all bank and computer transactions balance to the penny before monthly statements are issued to owners.

Day to Day Management

Hometrend is a full service company efficient in handling all your property management needs, including but not limited to:  finding quality tenants, overseeing all maintenance repairs timely, vigorously collecting rent, enforcement of the lease agreement, evictions as required and accurate accounting of all income and expense.

Hometrend makes every effort to follow and enforce the Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws.  Strong ethics and attention to detail is our philosophy for success.

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