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Hometrend Property Management managing agent for the property approves installation provided the following conditions are met:

  • Tenant assume responsibility for the cost of installation without reimbursement from management.
  • All exterior cable installed must be professionally mounted being vertically or horizontally at all times and secured firmly against building structure minimizing cable view from street and neighbors (angles of degree are not permitted). DO NOT mount cable down the middle of any exterior wall. Cable is preferred to be adjacent to corners, columns and under eve of roof to minimize cable view. If there are multiple cables mounted in the same wall vicinity, cables must be tightly and neatly bundled together.
  • If a satellite dish is being installed, the dish CAN NOT be mounted on the roof surface or the exterior wall of the building. The dish must be mounted on the eve of the building or tripod at ground level. Dish must be mounted at the most inconspicuous location on the building (back yard preferably). Tenant must get location approval in writing from Property Manager before dish installation.
  • If the company installing requires a written approval, please contact your manager
  • Any damaged to property incurred by improper installation will be tenant’s responsibility to pay for cost of repairs/maintenance.
  • When vacating the property, tenant is required to remove dish, cable and related accessories from the property. Failure to perform this task, management will deduct from tenants security deposit to pay for the equipment removal.
  • Tenant acknowledges that this document becomes an addendum to the lease agreement and further understands that all individuals on the lease agreement are required to sign below and are all jointly and severally liable.

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