Tenant Screening Tip #2

Proper tenant screening is the absolute key to a successful rental property. Good tenants take care of the place, pay rent on time, which equals a happy owner. You could have the right property, at the right price, with the right management team, but if...

Tenant Screening Tip #1

Attract the best tenants possible all while being ethical. For the last several years, the Phoenix rental market has been on fire, and even more so of late. If the rental product is quality and priced right, it should rent within a few days. This has given...

The Truth About The Exaggerating Investor

You know, the investor who brags about how high their rents are? They must be smarter than everyone else (insert sarcasm). Something that has been on my mind a lot lately are the investors who feel the need to over exaggerate the success of their rentals. They just...

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